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Overseas Investors in the UK Investment Guides

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Overseas Investors in the UK Investment Guides

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Written specifically for potential UK investors who live overseas. 

The guides bust the myths about the UK property market and contains everything from the process, taxation, finance and the market know how to get you started. As well as helping you get the connections you need to side step local property agents who see you more of a cash cow than an investor who wants the best deal.

Singaporean Investors

New to the UK property market or just want to keep up to date. This is a great start for your due diligence and research. With cooling measures on the increase the UK is a welcome respite.

Hong Kong Investors

Always the favourite for Hong Kong Investors, the UK has never failed to impress. With so much opportunity in London and the major cities is ripe for the picking.

UAE Investors

Emirates investors have increased their demand year on year and there's no end in sight. Learn how you may not be getting the best deal locally.

South African Investors

Times have been hard locally for investment, the UK has provided a welcome safehaven for your hard earned Rand.

Malaysian Investors

Malaysia has always been a stop for the property exhibitions from London and now with the opening up of the cities it's a great time to explore the opportunities.

Qatar Investors

Qatar is the one of the wealthiest nations per capita in the world. Their forwarding thinking has seen them as no stranger to overseas investment.

Other Countries

We are constantly targeting other countries so if your country is not covered why not send us an email or check out over 150+ Property Investment Guides for specific areas of the UK.

Didn't find a guide for you, try our over 150+ Area Specific Guides.

Our Research team spend late nights fishing out the stats that matter, the data that counts and combine it with our on-the-ground expertise of our Property Acquisitions team lead by Brett Alegre-Wood.

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